I failed my exam | What should I do ?

By: TutorMate | Monday, 16 Mar 2020

To students, failing an exam seems to be equivalent to the end of the world. Some of the common thoughts are "I will not ever graduate," "I will never be able to get a job" and "I will be more likely to start searching for a rich wife/husband." Perhaps not yet urgent. Here is our guide on how to solve the question of the non-examination:

“ Let’s take examples of successful people who often struggled in their lives, but refused to give up. You'll be inspired by yourself”

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1. Einstein: Couldn’t speak until the age of 4. Failed in the entrance exam of Swiss Federal Polytechnic School, Zurich. His dad treated him as a big disappointment before his death.

2. J K Rowling: Twelve big publishers rejected her book and after seven long years she was able to publish the award winning sequel of Harry Potter.

3. Thomas Edition: Failed countless times while attempting to invent the bulb.

4. Steven Spielberg: Rejected twice by the School of Cinematic Arts of the University of California. Now the school in his honour has constructed a house.

5. Jack Ma: Founder of Alibaba, failed 23 times for a job in China.

6. Mahatma Gandhi: He is the most inspirational character. Initially a qualified barrister in India, he wasn't a good lawyer because his witnesses couldn't be questioned.

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Still feeling sad or unhappy, come let’s read some tips to overcome our sadness.

1. Get help from your friends.

If you can wallow alone, you can concentrate on all the ways that the test went wrong. Compare the optimistic negative feelings. Reach your loved ones, particularly those with a special gift to know what to say or do precisely to make you laugh. Look away with mood, nostalgia and sorrow. See your favourite comic or roll down a grassy slope.

2. Don’t panic, Be positive for your next attempt

This will help you get over the depressive situation. Instead, don't just keep worrying about defeat. Put in the positivity that will help you step forward in a wide way towards success. Only remember it's a bad day and it won't happen again in the future. But note also, "To be positive is not to ignore the negative. To be positive is to resolve the negative.

3. Forget your past

Start to think about the future to explain this issue. Be pragmatic to see if you can take the class and/or test again. Consider your curriculum and course activities and determine what is best–either restart your review now if you can (draw an action plan now!) or only in the following year.

4. Give your best

Often, even though you have prepared enough for a test, just because the results of the test were anxious. We feel depressed and anxiety with the exposed feeling of low ranking. Be positive and assured that you will be tested instead of being discouraged or anxious about the exercise and wait for the outcome to show your hard work and commitment.

5. Make a plan for your future

You can not alter the past, so focus on what you can control: the future. Could the damage be mitigated or reassessed? How would you prep for the next test differently? Consider what has gone wrong and intend to change. Use this time as an opportunity to know and forget what could have been. Gather and breathe in your energy. It's just a check. You're not a mistake.

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In boxing, match defeat is declared when you deny to stand up again. So stand up and prepare yourself for super-duper success in your life. Opportunities are always there for hardworking persons.