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Most satisfying inventions

By: TutorMate | Friday, 10 Apr 2020

Before reading this blog, take a minute to ask yourself, am I really satisfied with my life?

If you hesitate or conclude no, then you really need to think about how you can make yourself happier or things you can do for example to relieve stress. I can give you some ideas that can help satisfy you and perhaps relieve your anxiety. 

1.Pop-It pal pimple popper

How many of you like to pop your pimple? And I know it’s a very disgusting habit. But there are many of you that get satisfaction out of it and if you are one of them, then this invention is perfect for you. Pop-it pal pimple is a toy, which has artificial pimples that you can pop or squeeze without getting your hands dirty. Weird invention right?

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2.Charcoal powder

We all know that by mixing black and white, we get grey. But there are always exceptions and in this case, the results are so satisfying that you won’t believe it’s true. Everyone loves white teeth, it makes you look and feel better but it’s a pain to go to the dentist and brushing doesn't guarantee instant whiteness. Well, with charcoal powder, you can get white teeth with a click of a finger. All you have to do is apply activated charcoal on your teeth and watch as it turns white with just one brush. Sounds magical right? 

3.Cyber clean

Slime, who doesn’t love playing with slime? It’s soft and so very satisfying to squeeze which also helps relieve anxiety and stress. Well, what if I told you that you could play and clean at the same time with the cleaning slime? It’s very simple, just lay the slime over your gadgets and enjoy the magic as it squeezes through every corner removing dirt. Then peel it off and enjoy playing with it. It’s enjoyable, satisfying and cleans up for you! That is the magic of Cyber clean. 

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4. Inflating water tires

Bored of regular cycles? Too easy to ride on roads? Then the inflating water tires are there for you! With this DIY water bike, all you need to so is pump the two tubes shown below and attach them to the wheels of your cycle. It’s so easy! Then, the fun starts, cycle across the water and enjoy the fun. This incredible Italian invention is really fun and enjoyable, you will not notice how time flies by. It is also good for your health as it allows you to practice cardio exercise the fun way! 

5. Magnetic putty

Slimes are fun and satisfying to play around with right? You may have seen many tutorials and videos of slime across social media but have you ever across the magnetic putty? It is even better than slime.  Magnetic putty is made from a ferromagnetic material and looks similar to slime but is much more satisfying. Put a magnet near it and watch how it automatically engulfs the magnet. It will attach to anything magnetic making it fun to play around with anywhere. 
Know any more satisfying inventions? Let me know through this link: Click here