How essential are online classes during COVID-19?

By: TutorMate | Saturday, 09 Jan 2021

How essential are online classes during COVID-19?

The COVID-19 infection rate has changed the scenario upside down worldwide of more than 1.2 billion children in 186 countries being affected by school closures due to the pandemic. After a year of suffering, many seem to be used to the lack of not just educational support, but support in general. Anti-mask protesters and fake accounts in social media spreading false news such as ‘COVID-19 being fake’ is not something we do not know.

So, how does it affect the students? Are they ready to pack their bags and pave the way to their school?

Even the social distancing, mask, and constant sanitisation does not guarantee that you can fully avoid the virus. While some educational institutes are planning to re-open, or some might even have done it already, it is, however, a risky move for everyone. It does not imply however that studying virtually will be as powerful as studying in person. Given that, it is rather important to be safe and contain the virus rather than prioritising a couple of months or so of in-person education.

Well, if you think about it with a more clear vision, a virtual class does bring a plethora of benefits. Some might feel low and discouraged with the minimal physical contact but it is undeniable that these classes do make student’s life easier. From accessibility of time and place to affordability, and from improvement in attendance to exploring varieties of learning styles, the online class holds numerous merits with it.

However, a few of the tedious issues such as technical problems, inability to focus on the screen for a long time, loneliness, and increased screen time might worry the majority of the student. But, hey! If you think about it; these issues are somewhat considerable than risking you or your loved ones in such a crucial period.