Online Classes During Pandemic: A Guardian POV

By: TutorMate | Friday, 15 Jan 2021

Online Classes During Pandemic: A Guardian POV

"Mum, the teacher just called, we will have regular classes from tomorrow. Yay, I can play with Peter, Robbie, and Jony tomorrow." 


The government had just announced an extension of lockdown before the COVID-19 outrage. I was furious that my son is playing the 17th prank of this week & it was just Tuesday. He then came up with an email from his school where they had sent notices and schedules regarding the regulation of online classes. I started wondering how one teacher would handle all those children and immediately realised how my son would feel if he gets to know that he would only be able to sit and watch his friends rather than play with them. Poor child! He was searching for his backpack for tomorrow.

The next day, Mum's initial task was to clarify the idea of resumption of classes and also disappoint the little chap in the early morning. He was stunned and confused, relinquishing his plans with his friends for the day. Despite his dismay, he did not refuse to join the online class, and as soon he saw his friends on the laptop screen, a jovial and gleeful smile came across his cheeks. Not only my child but all of his friends were delighted upon seeing each other.

For a month now, I would have a conversation with my husband at times, about the disorder that the pandemic has created in work, education, and finances. Spending quality time with family was cool until we ran out of ideas to entertain the only child. We would desperately try our best to keep him modest, humble, and quiet, convincing him to read some books and watch educational videos; but we could also clearly see boredom and frustration building up as he tried to cope with the situation.

However, since the school commenced online classes, it has been immensely helpful for my child to learn, play, and have fun at the same time throughout this pandemic. Online classes turned out to be much better than what I expect as a parent. Having made this far through the pandemic, I can simply list out how online classes have been worthwhile.

 Education right at your home

"Education at your doorstep" couldn't be more ironic at other times and situations than now. Online classes have been able to fix the complications of the education system during this pandemic. A parent wouldn't want more than a continuation of education of his/her child but also for them to be safe, healthy, and under observation.


The school has scheduled classes that would not harm any other activities. Classes during lunch or dinner time would be nothing but annoyance. My child would attend half classes after breakfast and half of them after lunch, as flexible as school hours.

Individual Attention

I am surprised that the only teacher would be able to give attention to each of the children individually. Children also seem to showcase real discipline when they are asked to mute their mic to prevent unnecessary noises in the background. I witnessed the smooth and productive interaction between a child and the teacher. Plus, a teacher wouldn't miss checking the submitted assignments of an individual.

Reduced Costs

Another surprising factor of the online classes was a reduction in school fees. The school would only charge the tuition fees, no other ECA charges. Also, you would save a lot of time, fuel, and car maintenance expenses while dropping and picking up the child from school.

More Independent

In recent weeks, I have realised that my child's problem-solving capacity has been improved. He has been trying to do his classwork and assignments as independently as possible. An online class requires you to learn mostly by yourself, you might not get help from your friends. Maybe that is the reason for his utmost attempt to solve the problems without seeking the help of others.

Keeping track of my child's learnings

Perhaps, I will never have a chance to monitor my child's learnings and behaviors like this on upcoming days. I can witness him learning, exploring, and discovering new facts and information almost every day. Keeping track of what he learns and how he learns has helped him to learn better and has lessened the possibility of him being irresponsible and immoral growing up.

Personally, I feel this type of education system has many advantages over disadvantages, particularly at these times and circumstances. But my child somehow has found it easier to procrastinate his tasks and assignments. Also, sometimes it would be challenging for us to prevent our child from developing a sense of isolation. The only thing he misses during this pandemic is playing with his friends.

Overall, we have been taking the best out of online classes for the education of our child. We often have some conversation turned minor arguments when my husband persuades our child to continue education through online classes even after the end of this pandemic. Little does his introverted dad know that his child needs to develop social skills unlike him.