TutorMate is an online and in person tutorial platform that strives to provide our students a great quality service with tutors at an affordable price. We believe that every one of our tutors are the best of the best with a friendly and positive attitude to teaching.

Nothing at all, we don’t charge anyone to register. So sign up with us now!

Once you register, you will be able to fill in your details into your dashboard. After we review your details and it meets our criteria, we will verify you immediately. You will receive an email from us confirming your listing.

With in-person lessons, it is up to the tutor and student to decide which safe learning environment you wish to set the lesson in. It often takes place in either the tutor or the students’ home. With online lessons, tutors' will teach using our embedded platform, BigBlueButton. Please do not teach using any other video conferencing platforms as it will not be recorded in our system.

It is TutorMate’s job to help you find students. Once you have been verified for listing, you will be recommended to students who wish to learn the subject you teach. If a student books a lesson with you, you will be notified immediately via email and your dashboard. So please stay alert.

TutorMate is an online and in-person tutorial platform that strives to provide our students with a great quality service with tutors at an affordable price. We value every student and believe that every learner has a potential in them waiting to be unleashed. Please view our about us page for further details.

TutorMate covers a range of subjects from Maths and Sciences to Piano and Dance. Should you not be able to find you wish to teach or learn, simply email us and we will add it ASAP. Individuals of any age are welcome to join us!

Requesting a TutorMate? It’s simple. From our home page, you can input your preferences and press search. We will list various tutors from which you can filter or sort as suited to you. Find a tutor you like? Just click on their profile and find out more about your perfect TutorMate. You can easily contact them via our messaging platform and request a lesson with a click of a button. Try it now!

In order to provide constant support to our students, our competent team is always at your service. We will respond to you as soon as possible and help you through your inquiries. Simply email us via support@tutormate.org.uk or call us on our telephone number 01322 407863.

No. Once a lesson is booked, it is only valid for that one student the lesson is booked for. Should you wish to have more than one person study with the tutor, you will be required to book and pay separately for each student.